Ability Tech.(Beijing) Co.Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Ability) wasfounded in 2006, registered in ZPark, the professional science park specializedin new-generation IT industry in Zhong guan cun. The company is certificated asNational High and New Technology Enterprise, serves hundreds of clients throughvarious industries, mainly focuses on the traditional industry solution, suchas electronic data acquisition, automated execution system, intelligentanalysis and judgement, and implementation and service. Our main research anddevelopment are utility software, IoT technology, which integrated withtraditional industrial situations.

Ability has effective industry impact and supporting its own highskilled R&D team, also partnered with multiple universities, scienceresearch institutions and China Mobil within the common field. Along with yearsof humble efforts, Ability now owns 30 patents, among which are 14 softwarecopyright, 11 patents for utility models, 4 patents of invention and 2 Beijingcertifications for new products and new technology. At the same time, Abilitywas being elected in the National Small and Medium Enterprises Joint GrowthPlan, earned the certification as National High and New Technology Enterprise,joined the membership of Zhongguancun High and New Technology Enterprise, alsoa member of Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Association, along withother national entrepreneurial honors. Amongst which, the outstanding 2projects “Special Equipment Intelligent Supervision Platform” is being stronglysupported by Beijing Technology Committee, and was funded by Beijing Small andMedium Enterprise Innovation Fund; the other project “Grain PurchasingIntelligent Management System” for national grain corporations, has over 10patents, which triggered and lead the new industrial revolution, created greateconomic and social benefit by coordinating with the market and society.

Ability’s value proposition is being“Practical realist, advanced, innovative, in the lead”. The company maintains apositive culture among the teams, encourages innovation, respect toindividuality, and friendly workplace for effective communication andself-improvement.

For 10 years development, Ability aims atachieving “Internet+ Credit

    System Construction”. Based on the concept of Industrial 4.0, Abilitycombined IoT Technology, intelligent manufacturing and big data eventuallyaccomplished cross fields innovations. Providing solutions for traditionalindustries through three main technical tools: electronic information, processautomation and intelligent supervision, to block industry loopholes, cut lossesand enhance efficiency. Ability places its stakeholders’ benefit as priorityand coordinate together in order to build a disciplined, highly effective andharmonious market and business environment. Ability will delicate its effort inproviding solutions for the industries that matters people’s safety and life,such as fields of bulk commodities purchasing industry and special equipment,to benefit the society.